Mould Elimination & Remediation in the Kitchener, ON, Region

Mould should always be taken care of by a professional because of how it can affect your health and the way it damages your home. Restoration 1 is here to help out Kitchener, ON, and eradicate mould from your property. Our crew of experts has the experience and expertise to locate, inspect and determine the kind of mould that’s growing in your space. Then our contractors are able to relieve the damages and eradicate the spores by using the right equipment. Restoration 1 is devoted to making your home secure again. If you’ve observed any mould producing in your property, or you believe it’s present, get in touch with our expert staff so that we can remove it.

Dim spaces and no ventilation is where mould flourishes. It has a tendency to grow and thrive without you being aware of it, and any kind of water damage can generate mould growth too. If this occurs, you need to get a technician who specializes in mould elimination services in order to make your property secure. It’s fundamental to get this taken care of prior to it creating more problems down the road.


Figuring out where the mould is located is the first step for correct application.


Identifying what kind of species you have in your property gives us a good idea of how to mitigate the issue.


Correctly cleaning the space and removing the mould will create safe conditions.


Renovating your house as close to its original, safe condition is our primary objective.

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Dependable Mould Specialists with Restoration 1

If you suspect mould development in your property, don’t waste time. If left alone, mould could grow throughout your house and cause serious damage. As Kitchener‘s premier renovation company, we specialize in mould abatement. With superior expertise, you can trust Restoration 1 for our outstanding mould removal and restoration services in Kitchener, ON.

We are trained in property hazards such as mould growth. Although mould can be extremely unhealthy, it can be difficult to diagnose since many of the symptoms of mould exposure are the same as the common cold or flu. Symptoms of mould exposure include respiratory problems, allergic reactions, fungal infections, mycotoxin toxicity, hypersensitivity pneumonitis and other dangerous health conditions. These are specifically dangerous to sensitive people like seniors, kids and anyone with lung complications. The expertly trained specialists from Restoration 1 can completely eradicate the contaminated areas of your property and fix the damaged space.

Restoration 1 is available to help homes extract mould from their interiors and exteriors in Kitchener, ON. Our professional mould specialists are trained and qualified to extract even the most resilient, toxic strains found in the region. We work rigorously to dispose of all mould while following the correct guidelines.

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